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Sourcing, Trading and Shipping Service

Finding trade agent? Sourcing products from China?

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Sourcing → Trading → Shipping

We would categorize the International Trade into 3 major steps, namely Sourcing, Trading and Shipping.

The Sourcing step is where we contacting, comparing various manufacturers or wholesalers and negotiating the best price and terms for the desire products.

The Trading step is where once the order is confirmed, proper business procedure needed to be followed, for example, proper documentations as well as secure transaction for both parties.

The Shipping step whereby included when the products are ready to ship and the buyer needed to inspect the quality and quantity of the products to avoid misunderstand afterward.

Our services

We are currently providing above services to assist you and your business to make International Trade possible, easier and safer.

Whether you are new comer to International Trade or frequent buyer for the China products, we are more than happy to serve you.

Other than this, we also provide translating service and travelling arrangement upon request.

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